Pictures - click to enlarge
Point yard - Looking West
New intermodel yard
Crossing over lumber mill
Passing indust. area
Flood loader
Heading into the mountains
Entering 6' high bridge
Passing through one of many tunnels
A few adventurous hikers out West!
Interstate 29 East & West bound near Domtar.
This tourist is in a sticky situation..........he is unaware of possible visitors :)
Weston Power Plant #3
FedEx Air returning to Central Wisconsin Airport from Memphis, TN.
Yard outside of Wausau Paper in Mosinee, WI.
Log truck being loaded at Lignotech near Domtar.
Farmers hard at work, carrying on Wisconsin's tradition.
Old Hwy 51, from Mosinee to Rothschild and in between.
Two lumber yards out west in the Rockies.
I'm not sure what this gentleman is taking a picture of?
3M Manufacturing Company in Wausau, WI.
This beautiful Buck is getting a sip of water.