Visit our RS&W Model Railroad layout.

Rothschild Schofield & Weston Railroad System Based on the Wisconsin Central Railroad Superior Sub. and Valley Sub. from Stevens Point, WI. to Wausau WI. in the 1990’s. 

The layout has two levels. The lower level is the local area, part of the Superior and Valley Subs. The upper level goes out west towards Denver the mountains and the coal mine. 

The levels are accessed by a helix that can be entered from Stevens Point or Wausau and goes up to Denver. 

Our operating system is a day on the WC:

(Lower level) 

Trains 17 & 18 from Wausau to Point and back.
{pulpwood, 3M roofing granules, scrap steel, paper} 

Trains 13 & 14 from Prentice to Wisconsin Rapids and back.
{pulpwood, paper, interchange for UP} 

Trains 7 & 8 from Wausau to Shops Yard in Fond du lac and back.
{3M, paper, scrap, chem.'s, etc. for Chicago} 

Trains 11 & 12 Local.
{Wausau Homes, Weyerhaeuser, CN&W interchange, } 

CN&W. {3M, Wausau Steel, Green Bay Packaging, PDM Bridge}
Note: The CN&W was an orphan in Wausau. Everything that came and went was on the WC. 

The coal trains from Weston power plant to the coal mines out west. 

(Upper level)

BNSF, featuring mountains, tunnels and long running. 

The RS&W Coal Co. furnishes coal to Weston III on the lower level. 

An industrial area has a starch mill sending starch to Weyerhaeuser and a saw mill sending lumber to Wausau Homes and GP, both on the lower level. A roofing mfg’r gets granules from 3M. 

A large intermodel complex. 

An Amtrak station for the Empire Builder. 

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Pictures - click to enlarge
Point yard - Looking East, also the helex to the upper level.
South bound passing papermill.
Leaving Point yard.
WC hoppers from 3M.
Weston power plant switcher.
North bound w/ WC "Mega log hauller".