Ordering Information

We order from our suppliers nearly every day.
We have a large stock, but can't stock everything. So, we order often. We can tell you right away if something is in our stock or in stock at the supplier. Usually it's only a couple of days to get an item in and it's right out to you.

Our system is simple. Call us at 715-355-4100.
Or e-mail us; [email protected] or go to Contact Us

We want to keep the sprit of the home town hobby shop alive.  Customers come to our store only one time.....after that they are friends.  Over the years we've enjoyed the families that have come with their kids and now the kids are bring their kids. 

We can offer vertuially everything that our distributors and manufactures have available from the comfort of your home.

Our store is virtually open 24/7 and you don't have to drive to it or walk up and down isles.

You have access to what countless manufactures have available as well as what is coming in the future.

Our system is simple, just go to Contact Us and send us a message.  ie: Please order "manufacturer name and item number" for me.

Just pretend you are in our store.

Check out the many manufacture links we have. 

Searching the internet is made easy using our web site. 

Shipping Information

You may pick it up at our store or have us send it to you  We will do our best to inform you of any delay in the shipping of your order.

Shipping charges are as follows:
We send by U.S. Mail and charge just the exact postage. We do not charge any handleing fees. If for some good fortune, your order is more than the mail will handle, we'll talk and make the proper arrangements.