Our plastic models, are intended for static display. A plastic model kit covers a wide range of subjects, including cars, trucks, military, aircraft, marine and space.  A kit varies in difficulty, ranging from a "snap-together" model that assemble straight from the box, to a kit that requires special tools, paints, and cements.

We carry all the tools and supplies to help you..

We have a good selection of models for the beginner.

All though we have a large variety, we can't stock it all.

We order a couple times a week

. We can tell right away if something is in our store or in stock at the distributor.

If you want something that is coming out and don't want to miss it, let us put it on back-order for you and it will be shipped when it comes in.

Our system is simple:

Call us at 715-355-4100.
e-mail your order to us; just go to Contact Us.

Which ever way you choose, we'll do our best to get what you want.