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We offer and service all ‘O’ and ‘G’ size trains.

Please check out the links below for things available from us thru our various distributors.

‘O’ is a great size to start with for the young railroader moving up from Thomas.

Beware, we do have grandpa catchers in that size.  ie: my grandson needs, would like, one them.

(I want to ask, ‘at his house or at yours?), but I don’t

DO YOU KNOW that we have an ‘O’ size layout for them to operate?

Two trains to run at the same time and even sit in real train seats. 
You can ring the bells and blow the horns/whistles

This is available every Saturday, and it costs nothing.  Be our guest.

Web sites O & G;



Kline by Lionel;






Classic Toy Trains Magazine;



Aristo Craft

USA Trains;



Pictures - click to enlarge
Granddaughter putting people into passenger car
Gramp gets involved too
Yard with workers
Train coming into station
Passengers ready for thye train