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Trains are what we specialize in. We offer scales from 'Z' to 'G'.

We offer items from nearly all major manufactures from several distriputors, ie; Walthers Trains, Great Planes Distributors,
Horizon Hobbys, Hobbytyme Dist. and others. Go to Links page.

We have a large varity in our store, but we can not stock it all. We order nearly daily. We can tell right away if something is in our store or in stock at the distributor. Usually it is only a couple of days to get an item in and out to you.

Walthers Sales Flyer

We are a participating dealer and honor the prices in it.

If you don't receive the Walthers Sales Flyer through the mail, we'll be happy to send you one.

Or, you can go to our
Walthers Trains link and see it under, on sale today.

Our system is simple:

Call us at 715-355-4100.
e-mail your order to us;  go to Contact Us

You can go to and order from us as a "Dealer on Line". You'll have the entire Walthers inventory to order from.

For other manufactures such as Athearn, Roundhouse and Mantua, go to the links page and look at, and click on links.

Which ever way you choose, we'll do our best to get what you want.

Toy Train Repair:

Some we can repair and some we can’t.

Bring it in and let us  take a look and see what we can do.


Simple look: $0.00

Cleaning & lube: $5.00

HO decoder install:

simple $10.00

complex $?, ?

Repairs: $7.50 /HR + parts

HO: Ath, Bach, Wal, Atlas, Kato, Proto

O: Lionel, Marks, MTH, Kline

S: American Flyer

Note:: I get parts from a number of sources. Many are not available but I do my best to find them.

Wanted: Old trains for parts.

Visit the RS&W RR. A 1300ft model railroad by the RS&W model railroaders. A prototype of present day Wisconsin Central from Stevens Point WI. to Wausau WI. on the lower level and free lance into the west on the upper level to get the coal for Weston III power plant.

Pictures - click to enlarge
'G' guage inside or out
Garden railroading is fun